Hiab develops new type of all-electric truck mounted forklifts

2022/01/31 at 5:32 PM

Hiab, the Sweden-based specialist in lifting machinery and a part of Cargotec, has unveiled a new type of all-electric truck mounted forklifts. It is the Moffett E5 NX vehicle that can lift up to 2.5 tonnes of freight. The manufacturer argues that the new model is the world’s first electric truck mounted forklift with a moving mast.

Being equipped with all-wheel drive and wheels that can rotate 90 degrees, the Moffett E5 NX forklift is very manoeuvrable: it drives forwards, backwards, left and right. This makes the vehicle reliable for operations in confined areas as well as transferring loads quickly and safely off-road, through busy sites and inside warehouses.

“As the MOFFETT E5 NX is all-electric, it operates quietly and is emission-free, which makes it the ideal choice for customers operating in low emission zones and places where noise is a concern – like residential areas, outside normal working hours. However, it delivers the same performance as the MOFFETT M5 model that runs on diesel, but with lower service needs as it has fewer moving parts,” said Jann Hansen, Hiab’s vice president for sales & product management, truck mounted forklifts.

Moffett E5 NX truck mounted forklift, source: Hiab

Moffett e-series

Hiab has been developing the all-electric truck mounted forklifts for more than 10 years. The first vehicle from the Moffett e-series was unveiled in April 2012. It was the Moffett E2 machine with a lifting capacity of up to 1.2 tonnes of freight. In December 2020, the Swedish manufacturer launched the second model. It was the Moffett E4 NX with a three-wheel drive. The E5 NX type is the latest in Hiab’s Moffett e-series of all-electric truck mounted forklifts. Two models, E4 NX and E5 NX, are linked to the Hiab’s HiConnect, the company’s digital solution that monitors over 100 machine parameters. The data allows the customers to better plan maintenance operations.

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