Finnlines boosts ferry traffic in Baltic Sea

2022/01/27 at 3:49 PM

Finnlines, a major ferry operator in the Baltic Sea, has scheduled several improvements for its network. In late January 2022, it has intensified ro-ro services between Poland and Finland. Starting from 1 February, the shipping company will add more connections on the Sweden-Germany route.

The new schedule for the Gdynia-Hanko ferry line was put into operation earlier this week. Starting from 24 January, two ro-ro vessels of Finnlines, Finnkraft and Finnhawk, have been running on the route six times a week in each direction, besides Wednesdays from Gdynia and Thursdays from Hanko. The departure time depends on the day. For instance, the Finnish ferries start their journey in Gdynia at 20:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays or 04:00 on Thursdays and Fridays.

Finnhawk ro-ro vessel, source: Wikimedia Commons

“Ro-ro connections are one of the main segments of the shipping market served by the Port of Gdynia. Additional connections are to meet the increased demand for connections between Poland and Finland. The ro-ro segment recorded a 33.25 per cent increase in transhipment compared to 2020. Good results are due to the constant improvement and investments that are carried out in this area at the Port of Gdynia,” the port authority of the Polish harbour comments.

From Travemünde to Malmö

Another line for boosting ferry traffic is the Travemünde-Malmö route between Germany and Sweden. On 1 February, Finnlines will add the fourth ro-pax vessel, Finnfellow, to run on the mentioned route. This will result in 10 extra departures per week and 48 ferry connections in both directions from Mondays to Sundays. Currently, three ro-pax ferries run on the Travemünde-Malmö route including Finnclipper, Finntrader and Finnpartner. “With this step, Finnlines increases the total capacity – both cargo and passengers – on the route and responds to the growing demand in the market,” the Finnish ferry operator states.

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