Stena Line deploys bigger ferries to transport more semi-trailers between Latvia and Sweden

2022/01/21 at 2:15 PM

Stena Line, a major European ferry operator, has put into operation a new ro-pax vessel Stena Baltica on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils line. Together with the Stena Scandica ferry, it will intensify the transport of semi-trailers between Sweden and Latvia. Both ships provide an increased area by 30 per cent for moving ro-ro freight.

Stena Baltica ferry, source: Stena Line

The Stena Baltica ferry was deployed on the Nynäshamn- Ventspils route earlier this week. On Wednesday, 19 January, it performed its maiden trip. The 222-metre-long vessel can carry up to 970 passengers and has 2,875 lane metres for transporting freight units, mainly trucks and semi-trailers. “Compared to the previous ferries on this route, Stena Scandica and Stena Baltica provide 30 per cent more space for cargo and 70 per cent more capacity for passengers, more recreational opportunities and an even more pleasant experience of travelling on ships on our routes to and from Latvia,” said Johan Edelman, trade director of Stena Line for Baltic Sea North.

In addition to more capacity for carrying passengers and freight, the ferries are equipped with a number of environmental features including fuel efficiency improvement systems, hybrid gas scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems and other solutions that enable more environmentally friendly transport in the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, a higher payload also means lower emissions per unit of freight moved.

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