More ferries run between Britain and Netherlands

2022/01/17 at 4:12 PM

As the truckers on their way to the United Kingdom are facing more and more troubles at the ferry terminals in France, the shipping lines are moving their vessels to the harbours in Belgium and particularly in the Netherlands. CLdN, the Luxembourg-headquartered ferry operator, has adjusted its schedule with the customer requirements by adding more ro-ro connections between Britain and the Netherlands.

More CLdN ferries run from Rotterdam to Killingholme, source: CLdN Ro-Ro

CLdN has been offering an increased number of ro-ro services between the UK and Benelux since 10 January. On that day, the shipping line added six more ferries connections between Rotterdam and Killingholme. As a result, the frequency has doubled up to 12 weekly connections. The company runs two daily services in each direction on weekdays and one daily service during the weekend. “As unaccompanied transport between the continent and UK is steadily growing over the last two years, CLdN wants to support this growth by adding capacity on this route,” the ferry operator stated.

Other links to the British Isles

Besides the Rotterdam-Killingholme ferry line, CLdN provides several other services to the British Isles. From the Port of Rotterdam, the company’s vessels also run to London (seven times per week) and Dublin (five times per week). Moreover, CLdN also develops the ro-ro connections from the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium. It has two lines to Ireland (Cork and Dublin) and two lines to the UK (Killingholme and London). The Irish services are offered two-three times a week while the British services are more popular, up to 12 times a week in each direction.

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