Sustainable air freight link for delivering Chinese laptops to Europe

2022/01/14 at 9:53 AM

Chinese technology company Lenovo has joined DB Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo to develop a carbon-neutral air freight service from Shanghai to Frankfurt. With its help, the global producer of consumer electronics will weekly transport up to 20 tonnes of chargeable weight, including laptops, notebooks, and PCs. The China-Germany flights are performed by freighters of Lufthansa Cargo, which are powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

DB Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo are moving further in attracting new customers to its sustainable air freight link between China and Germany. Among the latest developments is the agreement with Lenovo, the Chinese producer of consumer electronics. By using the Shanghai-Frankfurt connection, it is planning to move up to 20 tonnes of its products for both private and corporate customers.

Lufthansa Cargo flight for Lenovo, source: Lufthansa Cargo / Oliver Rösler

“Our unique SAF full charter flights help corporates to make their shipments more sustainable. Lenovo is a major customer for this game-changing initiative and an example of how shippers are keen for real change towards greener transports. We look forward to seeing further companies who would like to prioritise decarbonising their supply chains together with us,” said Thorsten Meincke, global board member for air & ocean freight at DB Schenker.


The usage of the sustainable air freight service between Shanghai and Frankfurt allows Lenovo to save around 20 tonnes of conventional kerosene per flight. This will result in reducing 62 tonnes of greenhouse gases weekly. “Sustainability is critical to our business and mission of delivering smarter technology for all. For all businesses and individuals, adopting programs that improve sustainability is incredibly important and we are delighted about this new partnership,” noted Gareth Davies, head of global logistics at Lenovo.


New major customer for carbon-neutral air freight link between Europe and China

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