Rail Cargo Group enhances wagonload service between Austria and Scandinavia

2022/01/12 at 1:02 PM

Rail Cargo Group (RCG), a freight subsidiary of Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), is continuing to enhance wagonload connections between Austria and Scandinavia within its TransFER network. The company has started 2022 year with launching the Linz – Malmö – Wels link that makes shipments across four European states more convenient and eliminates transhipment to the vessels.

The optimised wagonload service between Austria and Sweden (via Germany and Denmark) is available two times per week in each direction. Furthermore, the Linz–Scandinavia–Wels link shares the route with another TransFER connection, from Linz to Wels via Duisburg. The route enhancement also includes the increase of the train frequency between Linz and Rheinkamp (near Duisburg) and to Wels from five to six. Two of these connections continue their way to Malmö and back via Öresund Bridge. RCG also offers an option to move freight to and from the Vienna central marshalling yard within the TransFER network of wagonload services.

Since Malmö is located in the south of Sweden, it could be a gateway for further freight transport across the country and to neighbouring Norway. However, the new Austria-Scandinavia wagonload service opens up other opportunities for the customers. “With the TransFER Linz–Scandinavia–Wels, RCG creates a reliable and safe transport solution in the Scandinavian area with further connection options in Northern and Western Europe. In addition, Rheinkamp offers the option of adding quantities to Scandinavia or distributing quantities from Scandinavia in Germany and to France, Belgium and the Netherlands,” RCG stated.

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