ColliCare Logistics to develop transport solutions between Poland and Norway

2022/01/12 at 9:27 AM

By opening an office in Gdynia, the Norwegian company ColliCare Logistics will increase its footprint in Poland. The logistics provider with a multimodal portfolio will focus on developing environmentally-friendly transport solutions between the two countries. Among other things, it will stimulate shortsea services from Norway to Poland and back.

ColliCare Logistics launched its Polish office in Gdynia, an important point of international trade and logistics between Asia, Europe and Scandinavia, since the beginning of the new 2022 year. “The new polish branch is a valuable, important and trustworthy part of ColliCare Group. Now we are building our team of our local specialists in Gdynia for Polish customers and offering them modern, environmentally friendly transport solutions to the Scandinavian countries and around the world,” said Piotr KaleŇĄczuk, the company’s sales manager for Poland.

Despite the fact that ColliCare Logistics offers multimodal transport services including sea, rail and road connections. The company regards the maritime connections between Poland and Norway as an efficient and more sustainable alternative to carbon emissions. For instance, one movement if a container from Poland to Norway by sea, instead of a truck with a trailer, the company can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 71 per cent.

New level of cooperation

The main reason for ColliCare Logistics to establish the Polish office in Gdynia was to intensify the cooperation of the Norwegian company with the customers in the country. “We have been watching the Polish market for years and we know it very well. The Polish economy is developing dynamically and, in our opinion, it has good prospects. We have been cooperating with clients from Poland for a long time, but mainly from the level of our Norwegian headquarters. Now we are building our team of our local specialists in Gdynia to be even more accessible to Polish customers and offer them modern, environmentally friendly transport solutions to the Nordics and all over the world,” specified Jesper Hansen, managing director for Poland at ColliCare Logistics.

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