Digital marketplace for rail freight in Russia

2022/01/06 at 12:50 PM

Digitalisation is gaining momentum in the rail freight sector of Russia. Over two months ago, RZD Logistics launched the RZD Market, the first railway marketplace in the country. Its initial results have proved the necessity of innovation for shippers and customers.

More than 16,000 tonnes of industrial cargo, including crushed stone, gravel and gypsum, have already been transported by using the RZD Market since its start in late October. Almost two-thirds of the contracts were concluded in December 2021. Over 500 users from various regions of Russia were registered at the marketplace.

The RZD Market is operated by RZD Logistics, which carries out registration and accreditation of sellers and buyers, controls the reliability of counterparties, pays for the transportation of products. For the current year, the logistics provider has scheduled to attract more customers to use the marketplace. “Today, the main transport product has been implemented, this is rail transport, but our plans include the implementation of multimodal transportation with the participation of road transport, inland water and sea. That is, we will expand by offering more and more products and means of delivery of goods both domestically and internationally,” said Dmitry Murev, CEO of RZD Logistics.

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