IWS starts transhipment at new container terminal in Poland

2022/01/04 at 2:41 PM

Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS) has built a container terminal in Myszków, located next to Rail Line No. 1 connecting the Tri-City with the Silesian Agglomeration and southern Europe. The facility offers a number of logistics services, including transhipment of containers, semi-trailers, steel products, customs services as well as first- and last-mile deliveries.

Shunting operations at the IWS intermodal terminal in Myszków, source: Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS)

Myszków is an industrial centre located in the northern part of the Silesian Voivodeship near Częstochowa and the Silesian Agglomeration. IWS constructed a universal transhipment terminal on its plot. The choice of this location was due to several factors that make Myszków a great opportunity for companies from the logistics industry. First of all, the availability of a large number of potential customers from the industrial sector and a receptive internal market in a densely populated region. An important factor is also a developed transport infrastructure. The IWS terminal is located next to the important Rail Line No. 1, which is part of the European Baltic-Adriatic corridor of the TEN-T network. The facility is also close to the A1 motorway, which runs from Gdańsk to the Czech border, and the Central Rail Line that connects Warsaw with Silesia.

“Our terminal is located on one of the most important railway lines in Poland and Central Europe, around 40 kilometres closer to the Tri-City ports than Sławków, which makes it an interesting alternative for customers in the northern part of the Silesian Voivodeship. Moreover, thanks to the close accessibility of important transport routes, we can offer convenient intermodal connections in such directions as Małaszewicze, Wrocław, the Baltic ports and international transport to Czechia, Germany, Romania, Turkey or northern European countries. We also have extensive experience in the implementation of road transport, domestic and foreign, both standard and non-standard dimensions of loads,” assures Damian Szpindler, managing director of IWS.

Extensive opportunities

The terminal can reload around 200,000 TEU per year. Currently, four trains are operated daily, and the containers can be stored on eight stacks. The storage capacity is over 3,152 TEU. A bridge crane, two Konecranes SMV 4632 TC5 reach stackers and Kalmar forklifts are used to perform terminal operations. In March, the machine fleet will be supplemented with two more reach stackers. The vehicles allow for efficient reloading of containers and other cargo. A siding is used for loading and unloading, with two railway tracks with a total length of 2,435 metres. The siding is located to the west of the Myszków railway station. The access track to the siding No. 113 branches off an ordinary turnout No. 28 by Line No. 103 located on the 262.178-kilometre of Rail Line No. 1 between Warsaw and Katowice.

Scheme of the IWS intermodal terminal in Myszków, source: Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS)

“An extensive fleet, modern machinery, experience and approach to planning make us to offer comprehensive logistics services, as well as ensure punctuality and speed of deliveries. Myszków is a very interesting location for many customers interested in sustainable cargo transport and modern logistics services. We work with many transport, freight forwarding, haulage and railway companies. We ship around 130 trucks every day. We operate four trains a day. We also carry out orders for reloading such products as coiled sheets, flat sheets, and recently wood,” explains Damian Szpindler.

Currently, the terminal covers an area of 4.9 hectares but it is worth emphasising that IWS has 16 hectares in Myszków and is planning further investments. The new container terminal opens up the possibility of shifting cargo from road to sustainable rail transport for customers in southern Poland. The IWS terminal also provides the connection with Świnoujście, thanks to which it can offer door-to-door transport to countries such as Great Britain and Norway.

In addition to transhipment of containers, IWS also provides a number of other logistic services, such as transport of steel products, repair, washing and service of containers, container inspection, container and car brewing, and customs services. The terminal has electrical connections to cooling units.

“To sum up, a very good location, both by rail and road, a large container depot, container servicing, customs agency, transport services and warehousing services, as well as the high storage warehouses constructed in line with the Build-to-suit (BTS) scheme are the advantages of our terminal. I cordially invite you to cooperate,” says Damian Szpindler.

To know more about the IWS terminal in Myszków, please contact Damian Szpindler

phone: +48 600 615 631
e-mail: ds@eiws.pl

Damian Szpindler, managing director of IWS, source: Intermodal Wagon Service (IWS)

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