PCC Intermodal orders RMG cranes for two terminals

2021/12/30 at 11:18 AM

PCC Intermodal is looking for a contractor for three rail mounted gantry cranes (RMG), which will be delivered to the terminals in Kutno and Brzeg Dolny. The order is part of the EU projects implemented by the logistics operator.

PCC Intermodal has announced a tender for the design and delivery of three RMG cranes, one of which is to be delivered to the terminal in Kutno, and the two other to Brzeg Dolny. The gantry crane that will be delivered to Kutno should cooperate with the equipment of this type currently operated there. In turn, the design of devices for the Brzeg Dolny terminal is to take into account the possibility of installing a third device on the same tracks in the future.

The Kutno terminal will be equipped with a one-sided overhang crane, which will be able to process transhipment on one truck lane. On the other hand, the overhead cranes with a two-sided overhang over four railway tracks, a quick reloading buffer and two truck traffic lanes will be installed in Brzeg Dolny. Trains with a length of 600 metres are planned to be served at both terminals.

PCC Terminal Kutno, source: PCC Intermodal

Various transhipments

The devices will reload 20, 30 and 40-foot ISO containers, as well as 45-foot units, tank containers, 45-foot high cube containers for transporting euro-pallets and reefer containers with built-in aggregates. Cranes are to be adjusted to manual operation from the operator’s cabin or by means of a remote control system in semi-automatic mode. In connection with this condition, the order also includes the implementation of the crane control station in the terminal office.

The expected delivery date is until 30 June 2023 for the Kutno terminal and until 31 May 2023 for the Brzeg Dolny facility. The selection of the offer will be determined by the criteria of the crane delivery price and service costs.

The order is financed by the Operational Programme for Infrastructure and Environment as a part of the EU terminal expansion projects. In 2018, PCC Intermodal projects were selected in a competition for co-financing intermodal investments organised by the Centre for EU Transport Projects. The company obtained co-financing in the amount of 18.9 million zloty for the investment in Brzeg Dolny and 19.1 million zloty for Kutno. In addition to these investments, as a part of EU projects, PCC Intermodal received financial support for the purchase of traction locomotives and wagons (co-financing of 89 million zloty) and shunting locomotives (5.5 million zloty) in the previous EU budget perspective.

As a part of the expansion project, the Kutno terminal will be also equipped with two RTG electric square cranes, which will be adapted to work in an autonomous mode.

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