Kazakhstan and China increase throughput capacity of road border crossings

2021/12/24 at 9:05 AM

Kazakhstan and China are planning to intensify cross-border road haulage operations. To this end, they will increase the throughput capacity of important checkpoints. This will result in reducing queues of trucks near the border between the two countries.

More heavy goods vechiles will run from China to Kazakhstan or vice versa in the coming years. The governments of both states have agreed to increase the throughput capacity of the functioning checkpoints including Dostyk/Alashankou, Bakhty/Baketu and Nur Zholy/Khorgos. Furthermore, the Nur Zholy/Khorgos border crossing will become round-the-clock. Also, the parties are working on relaunching the Maikapchagai/Jimunai and Kolzhat/Dulata road border crossings that had been previously closed due to inefficient sanitary and epidemiological control. Such measures will be implemented to intensify cross-border road freight traffic between the countries.

Currently, the mentioned border checkpoints have a very limited capacity for processing trucks. For instance, the Nur Zholy/Khorgos crossing can handle up to 50 vehicles per day, the Bakhty/Baketu crossing – up to 40 vehicles and the Dostyk/Alashankou crossing – up to 10 vehicles. As a result, the queues of trucks are usual on the China-Kazakhstan border from both sides, especially at the Bakhty and Nur Zholy checkpoints.

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