Cargobeamer to remove more trucks from roads of Germany and France

2021/12/10 at 1:01 PM

Cargobeamer, the German logistics provider focused on delivering semi-trailers by rail, will launch a new route for combined transport. It will connect two important hubs in Germany and France: Kaldenkirchen and Perpignan correspondingly. With the new intermodal service, much more trucks will be removed from the roads of the two mentioned countries.

Starting from 10 January 2022, Cargobeamer will add a new service to its network of combined transport routes. The company’s train, which will be provided in a partnership with DB Cargo France, will run between Kaldenkirchen in Germany and Perpignan in France three times a week. Among its key features is the opportunity for delivering all kinds of semi-trailers, containers, P400 trailers, refrigerated and tank trailers. Since Kaldenkirchen and Perpignan are the border stations, they open more options for the shippers from nearby countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

Further plans

The Kaldenkirchen-Perpignan service is the sixth connection in Cargobeamer’s network. In mid-February, the German logistics provider will increase its frequency up to five trains per week in each direction. Also, Cargobeamer intends to build a dedicated intermodal in Kaldenkirchen. “Furthermore, the addition of another route is also an important step forward for the location of Kaldenkirchen, where we plan to start constructing our own transhipment terminal soon,” said Matthias Schadler, managing director for intermodal operations at CargoBeamer.

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