UECC inaugurates world’s first LNG battery hybrid vehicle carrier

2021/11/30 at 11:10 AM

United European Car Carriers (UECC), the Norwegian shortsea shipping line, has added a new type of hybrid vehicle carrier to its fleet. The vessel will be dual-fuel and will power from LNG and batteries. It is the world’s first hybrid ship of this type that does not use diesel.

The Auto Advance pure car and truck carrier was built at the Jiangnan Shipyard in China. It is equipped with dual-fuel engine technology that enables the usage of LNG and battery energy. Such a combination allows reducing carbon emissions by around 25 per cent when using LNG and zero-emission sailing when using batteries. The innovative ship has a capacity for moving up to 3,600 vehicles on 10 cargo decks. In 2022, UECC will receive two more vessels of the same type and specification.

Energy efficiency

The hybrid solution will be controlled by an intelligent energy management system that will serve as a control system for overall energy production and consumption. Batteries can be most efficiently charged while at sea using the shaft generator so that they are fully charged when entering port, enabling the vessel to manoeuvre in port using bow thrusters driven solely by battery power that can also supply the ship’s other energy needs while it is docked.

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