New route for China-EU container trains via Poland

2021/11/30 at 2:31 PM

Russian logistics provider TransContainer has successfully tested a new rail freight route between China and the European Union. It runs via Mongolia, Russia, Poland and Germany. In contrast to the traditional corridor via Małaszewicze, the new way passes through the Svisloch/Siemianówka border crossing.

The first freight train with 50 containers delivered the consumer goods from the Chinese city of Shijiazhuang in Hebei province to Paris, France. It needed 24 days to travel between the termini. On its way to Paris, the train crossed four countries including Mongolia, Russia, Poland and Germany. The transhipment operations took place near or on the Erlian/Zamyn-Uud and Svisloch/Siemianówka border crossings. In Poland, the boxes were reloaded from the broad gauge flat wagons to standard vehicles at the Chryzanów terminal of Andrex Logistics.

The new China-EU intermodal service was arranged by TransContainer together with Forwardis, a freight forwarding subsidiary of SNCF. Both partners chose the new way to test due to the congested traffic via the popular Brest/Małaszewicze border crossing. “Under the congestion of the Brest/Małaszewicze border crossing, the development of the route via the Svisloch/Siemianowka checkpoint will become a good opportunity for diversification of the existing ones,” explained Vladimir Khlutkov, business development director for Asia-Pacific at TransContainer. According to him, the second shipment will be performed in December.

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