DB Cargo Polska receives four Vectron multisystem locomotives from Siemens

2021/11/29 at 9:46 AM

At the Operating Centre of the Experimental Track of the Railway Institute in Żmigród, four multisystem Siemens Vectron locomotives were handed over to DB Cargo Polska. The vehicles were purchased as a part of the EU-funded project to support the development of intermodal transport.

The new Vectron MS locomotives for DB Cargo Polska have a maximum power of 6.4 megawatts, they are equipped with the ETCS Level 3 system and have a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour. The locomotives are homologated for Poland and Czechia. As the manufacturer assures, the new Vectrons for DB Cargo Polska can, if necessary and in case of changing circumstances, be equipped with additional approvals for operations in other countries, such as Slovakia or Hungary, within a few weeks.

Vectron MS locomotive for DB Cargo Polska, source: DB Cargo Polska

The new locomotives will be used to serve the international intermodal connections of DB Cargo Polska on the North-South railway routes linking the Polish Baltic ports with the south of the country and Czechia. For the carrier, the development of connections on the New Silk Road is also very important. “Already before the pandemic, it was evident that the China-Europe rail corridor was developing rapidly. Initially, this development was supported by subsidies from the Chinese provinces. However, after ocean freight rates increased, these subsidies were no longer needed. Currently, the cargo flows in this corridor are enormous. For DB Cargo, it is one of the most important served destinations,” said Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska, at the press conference on Friday, 26 November.

European Year of Rail

On the occasion of the European Year of Rail in 2021, the new DB Cargo’s Vectrons were occasionally covered with graphics indicating sustainable transport and with reproductions of Jarosław Jaśnikowski’s paintings. “Vectrons for DB Cargo are unique vehicles also due to the occasional veneer. We refer to both the European Year of Rail, the pro-ecological aspects of rail transport (“I play green”), and a real treat for railway and painting enthusiasts are the inspiration of the work of the painter Jarosław Jaśnikowski, an internationally recognised creator of magic realism. Jasnikowski’s painting is also characterised by the author’s passion for all kinds of fantastic vehicles, machines, and the Vectron locomotive fits perfectly into this concept,” said Krzysztof Celiński, CEO of the Polish division of Siemens Mobility.

The locomotives were purchased by DB Cargo Polska with the support of EU funds, in cooperation with the Centre for EU Transport Projects (CUPT), as a part of the project “Improving intermodal transport in Poland by connecting container terminals on the Baltic coast and distribution terminals in southern Poland with the transport axis connecting Western Europe with the CIS countries and China”. In 2018, DB Cargo Polska concluded a contract with CUPT for co-financing this project. Support from EU funds amounted to 51.5 million zloty.

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