Farewell to roads: GVT Group of Logistics focuses on rail and river transport

2021/11/10 at 2:33 PM

Within the last two decades, GVT Group of Logistics, was strongly committed to developing multimodal transport in the Benelux with a strong focus on truck delivery services. Now it intends to sell its road freight subsidiary, GVT Transport & Logistics, to ID Logistics, the French specialist in the same area. The divestment will allow the Dutch company to further develop multimodal solutions but on a basis of rail and river transport.

On Wednesday, GVT Group of Logistics, the Dutch major logistics provider, has announced the next step in transforming its business. It plans to sell GVT Transport & Logistics, a subsidiary with more than 750 professionals, 285 own trucks and a warehouse capacity of 200,000 square metres, to ID Logistics, another major player in the logistics market of the Benelux with 10 large distribution centres in the region of a total capacity of 400,000 square metres and the regional staff of 1,700 employees. The deal is subject to the approval of the Dutch regulatory authorities. By the year’s end, the final decision will be put into practice. If it is positive, the Benelux countries will get a true regional logistics champion.

GVT Transport & Logistics and ID Logistics will merge if they receive approval from the Dutch authorities, source: GVT Group of Logistics

Another multimodality

As for GVT Group of Logistics, it will retain control over another subsidiary, BTT Multimodal Container Solutions that is focused on rail and inland shipping. Among other things, it operates two dedicated facilities in Tilburg: Barge Terminal Tilburg (BTT) and Railport Brabant. The river terminal serves the regular inland shipping lines from Tilburg to Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Weert and Antwerp. As for the rail freight terminal, it is a significant hub for the New Silk Road trains between China and Europe.

In addition to the development of the rail-river multimodality, GVT Group of Logistics will continue to cooperate with ID Logistics. “As the owner of BTT Multimodal Container Solutions, I and my sons will continue to be involved in this strong combination of companies for the long term through our partnership and I am confident in the future,” said Wil Versteijnen, CEO of GVT Group of Logistics.

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