New tracking solution for European road freight market

2021/11/05 at 5:07 PM

Three European leading companies, whose activities are related to road freight, have teamed up to develop a new tracking solution for the sector. Sennder from Germany, IVECO from Italy and CO3 from Poland took the best of their existing platforms to allow hauliers and shippers to move their loads much more efficiently.

Sennder, the Berlin-based unicorn and Europe’s leading digital road freight forwarder, together with IVECO, the Turin-headquartered manufacturer of the wide range of the commercial vehicles, and CO3, the Wrocław-based company that developed and operates a data platform with real-time connections to more than 40,000 vehicles, have established a partnership. Three partners are jointly working to simplify tracking for the entire European road freight market. “We share a mission to make the logistics industry fit for the future and believe that our partnership lays the ground for an innovative and effective approach to tracking loads,” said David Nothacker, CEO and founder at Sennder.

Greater visibility

The new end-to-end GPS tracking solution is powered by CO3’s technology, assisted by IVECO’s integrated vehicle tracking and connected to Sennder’s sennOS platform. It gives shippers greater visibility over the transportation journey and provides carriers with a seamless digital onboarding process. The solution does not require additional investments as it uses GPS technology and dedicated devices. IVECO is the first lorry manufacture to activate the innovation in its trucks’ built-in GPS devices.

Spot loads

When developing the new tracking solution, three partners paid special attention to spot loads that cover 20 per cent of the road freight market. Among its advantages is the fast activation of the GPS tracking systems. Previously, the process required 48 hours, now only 20 minutes. “Today visibility helps in optimising supply chain management and supports risk and incident management in the contract market. In the project we addressed the lack of spot tracking solutions and focused on single order monitoring,” noted Grzegorz Patynek, CEO and founder at CO3.

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