FESCO invests in new containers

2021/11/05 at 9:15 AM

FESCO, one of the largest logistics groups in Russia, has purchased 9,000 new containers. They will be used for the further development of the company’s shipping and rail freight connections. Besides the dry boxes, the logistics provider is also investing in new reefer containers.

The new order for 9,000 containers consists of two batches. 3,000 forty-foot and 1,000 twenty-foot boxes have been already delivered from a manufacturing factory in the Chinese city of Dalian to Vladivostok, where FESCO is based. Another 5,000 forty-foot boxes will be supplied during November. As a result, the number of containers owned by FESCO will increase from 55,000 to 64,000 units. In terms of capacity, the company’s container fleet will exceed 100,000 TEU.

Reefer containers owned by Dalreftrans, FESCO’s dedicated subsidiary, source: FESCO

New reefers

FESCO also pays particular attention to the development of its cold chains. These kinds of activities are run by Dalreftrans, FESCO’s dedicated subsidiary. From November 2020 to September 2021, the Russian purchased 1,000 new reefers. The latest acquisition of the refrigerated boxes took place in September 2021 when Dalreftrans added 300 new forty-foot reefers to its assets. Currently, FESCO’s subsidiary owns more than 2,800 reefer containers with a total capacity of around 4,900 TEU.

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