Viasea offers new regular shortsea service between Baltics and UK

2021/11/03 at 8:41 AM

Viasea, the Norwegian shipping line, has extended its network with a new shortsea service. It provides a reliable and regular connection between four European countries, from Lithuania and Poland on the east to Norway and the United Kingdom on the west.

The new shipping service of Viasea is performed by one container vessel that departs from each terminus, Klaipeda in Lithuania or Immingham in the UK, once a week. It takes six days to sail from Lithuania to Great Britain or five days when departing from the Port of Gdynia in Poland. In Norway, the company’s ship calls at three ports: Oslo, Moss and Kristiansand. To provide regular service from Lithuania and Poland to the UK, Viasea opened its offices in these countries.

Alternative to trucks

The Norwegian shipping line launched the new service not only due to the high demand for freight from the Baltics to the UK. Another factor is an efficient and environmental alternative to road transport. “The reduction on emission impact on the climate on this route is massive if we compare sea to the road. If you send one container all the way by trailer from Klaipeda to Immingham (through Poland, Germany, Benelux and Calais – Dover) this route will have 78 per cent less CO2 emissions going by sea instead,” Viasea stated.

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