Noise barriers along roads and tracks a powerful source of solar energy

2021/10/29 at 9:55 AM

Switzerland is definitely shifting to solar energy. In 2020 SBB, the national railway company, started to power its trains with sun-generated traction energy. Now, the country is regarding the option of using the noise barriers along motorways and railways as a powerful source of renewable energy. If they are equipped with photovoltaic panels, they could power up to 22,000 households annually.

On Wednesday, 27 October, Switzerland’s Federal Council adopted a report related to the potential of generating electricity with the help of solar panels installed on noise barriers along motorways and railways. According to the document, around 101 gigawatts could be produced in such a way: 55 gigawatts along the roads and 46 gigawatts along the tracks. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of around 22,000 households.

To put the solution into practice, the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) will prepare the necessary legal adjustments to make better use of this potential. At the same time, Switzerland’s Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) will invest 65 million Swiss francs in using the potential of the noise barriers along the country’s roads in generating solar energy. This will be done within the implementation of the Federal Administration Climate Package.

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