Strabag to develop quay infrastructure in Port of Gdynia

2021/10/20 at 10:47 AM

Strabag, one of the largest European contractors, has obtained a new contract in Poland. The Austria-based group will improve infrastructure in the Port of Gdynia by modernising several quays. This is crucial for the development of the Polish port as it plans to handle vessels with a maximum draft of 15 metres.

Strabag will add more modernised quays in the Port of Gdynia to its portfolio. The Polish division of the Austrian construction group upgraded the Italian and Slovakian quays, the works at the Norwegian quay is at the final stage. In the coming years, the contractor will carry out the modernisation of the Port and French quays as well as Pilot Groyne. This is the subject of the deal concluded on 15 October between Strabag and the Port of Gdynia Authority. Among other things, the works include reinforcement of the existing Pilot Groyne, demolition works, pile-driving works, installation of prefabricated elements of a wave-suppressor, execution of reinforced concrete structures for the superstructure, and the execution of bunkers and concrete pavement. The total planned cost of the works is 21.5 million zloty.

Better competitiveness

The mentioned deal is a part of the larger infrastructure project being implemented by the Port of Gdynia Authority. It is dedicated to the development of the port infrastructure including the deepening of the fairway and reconstruction of the quays to enable the port to handle much larger ships with a maximum length of 400 metres, a width of up to 58 metres and a maximum draft of 15 metres (the current maximum draft is 13 metres). With co-financing from the European Union funds at 273 million zloty, the project cost is estimated at around 559.6 million zloty.

“Reconstruction of the port infrastructure will improve the competitiveness of the port and maintain the increase in the tonnage of transhipped cargo and the safety of navigation, there will be a significant improvement in the navigation conditions in the port. Trends in international maritime transport show that operators of bulk and containerised goods, bearing in mind economic and environmental issues, try to use the largest possible vessels. Hence, it is necessary to adapt the approach fairway and the internal waters of the port to accommodate Baltimax ships with higher draft,” said Maciej Bąk, Vice President of the Port of Gdynia Authority.

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