Port of Gothenburg digitises freight tracking

2021/10/14 at 7:54 AM

Port of Gothenburg, the largest container harbour in Scandinavia, is continuing to put into practice the digital tools. Within the policy, it has implemented a freight tracking solution that will simplify the everyday operations of the customers moving boxes via the Swedish port.

Trying to reduce factors that generate stress and uncertainty for the supply chain stakeholders, the Port of Gothenburg Authority has applied the Port Optimizer Track & Trace digital solution, which was developed by Wabtec. The new system was successfully applied by the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container port in North America, and, starting from the current week, it has become available in the largest port of Sweden and Scandinavia, namely for moving freight between maritime and hinterland terminals. The implementation of the digital tracking toll was carried out in a partnership with APM Terminals and GDL Sjöcontainer.

Monitoring and notifying

The Port Optimizer Track & Trace system has two basic features. First, it monitors the freight movements via the port including ship calling and unloading at the port terminals. Being connected to the sensors deployed along the rail tracks and using data collected from the Swedish Transport Administration and various rail companies, the solution monitors the rail freight delivery from the port to the hinterland. Second, the system issues notifications, not only when everything is going according to plan but more important when a problem occurs en route that needs to be rectified quickly.

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