First electric reefer semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull to debut on German roads

2021/09/24 at 9:35 AM

After successful trial operations in the Netherlands, Schmitz Cargobull has found the first customer for its S.KOe COOL SMART semi-trailer, the company’s first fully electric reefer semi-trailer, in the home market. STI (Deutschland), the logistics company focused on cold chains, will soon use the innovative vehicle in moving temperature-controlled freight on the German roads.

Starting from early July, the prototype of the S.KOe COOL SMART refrigerated semi-trailer from Schmits Cargobull has been running in testing operations in the Netherlands. Cornelissen, the Dutch logistics provider, has been using it for emission-free and quiet deliveries of temperature-controlled freight across the country on behalf of the supermarket chain Albert Heijn. In mid-September, the German trailer manufacturer handed over the vehicle to the first customer in the home market. It is STI (Deutschland), a subsidiary of STI Freight Management and a specialist in cold chains, that will become the first company in Germany to operate the S.KOe semi-trailer on coordinated routes in a field test.

The fully electric S.KOe COOL SMART reefer semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull, source: Schmitz Cargobull

Plans for future

STI (Deutschland) will carry out the trial operations of the new reefer vehicle to estimate its potential in real conditions. As the company is proactive in implementing innovations and technological solutions that reduce its carbon footprint, it intends to shift its fleet to electric refrigerated semi-trailers. “We want to understand how the trailer works in everyday operations and, through consistent data collection over the next two years, determine how sustainable the e-trailer is in our business segment, taking into account the highest qualitative requirements. In this, we work together closely with Schmitz Cargobull. If the testing is successful, we will equip most of our fleet with e-trailers in the future. This potentially means that more than 200 trailers would legitimately carry the Zero Emission logo,” explained Oliver Exner, senior operations manager at STI (Deutschland).

S.KOe COOL SMART semi-trailer

The fully electric S.KOe COOL SMART reefer semi-trailer was designed for emission-free cooling and heating of the freight in the multi-temp range. It has a cooling capacity of up to 15,900 watts and a heating capacity of 9,100 watts. The temperature inside the trailers is kept by batteries that are installed in the place of the diesel tank between the landing gear or an electric axle that generates braking energy when the vehicle is running. Such a solution significantly minimises the time, which is required to recharge the batteries at the distribution centres. As the S.KOe COOL SMART vehicle is equipped with the Schmitz Cargobull TrailerConnect telematics system, the logistics companies can monitor the battery charge status, the remaining range and the remaining charging time via the telematics portal.

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