Lotos Kolej adds TRAXX locomotive of latest generation to its fleet

2021/09/20 at 8:50 AM

Lotos Kolej, Poland’s third-largest rail freight operator, has extended its fleet with the TRAXX locomotive of the latest generation. The vehicle, which is powered from the direct current, was rented to the Polish carrier by Akiem, the European leader in leasing rolling stock. With the brand new locomotive, Lotos Kolej will reinforce its position in the home market.

Among over 70 Polish rail freight operators, Lotos Kolej has become the first company being able to haul wagons with the latest generation of the TRAXX locomotives. Earlier this month, the company added to its fleet the vehicle of the TRAXX DC3 type that was leased by Akiem. The four-axle locomotive can speed up to 160 kilometres per hour, it has a traction force of 320 Kilonewtons and is dedicated to operations on tracks electrified with the direct current.

Akiem leased the first TRAXX DC3 locomotive to Lotos Kolej, source: Lotos Kolej

The Polish third-largest rail freight operator, in terms of volumes, intends to add more vehicles of the same type. “We are glad that we can also include the TRAXX DC3 in the growing number of modern locomotives operated by Lotos Kolej. We are working on acquiring more modern locomotives in the coming months,” explained Jaromir Falandysz, Vice President of the Management Board of Lotos Kolej.

Lotos Kolej & TRAXX locomotives

Around 2,000 TRAXX locomotives are running on the European tracks. As for Akiem, it owns over 220 TRAXX locomotives in its fleet, 60 of which can be operated in Poland. In its turn, Lotos Kolej has been operating 26 vehicles of the previous generations since 2010. The Polish rail freight carrier runs three types of the TRAXX locomotives: 10 units of BR285 type (the diesel vehicles), 8 units of E186 type (the multisystem electric vehicles) and 8 units of E483 type (designed for the railway lines powered by the direct current). In total, Lotos Kolej operates a fleet of over 120 locomotives and over 4,000 wagons.

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