Wielton develops new semi-trailers for container transport

2021/09/14 at 9:05 AM

Wielton, the Poland-based manufacturer of semi-trailers, has extended its range of products for moving containers. The first new type is dedicated to the transportation of tank containers in the European market while the second type was developed for the CIS countries, mainly for Russia.

Wielton 20 SL TANK (NP3S20CHFLSL) semi-trailer, source: Wielton

Due to the growing demand for transporting chemical products in tank containers, Wielton developed a new series of dedicated semi-trailers. It is the 20 SL TANK (NP3S20CHFLSL) type that is suitable for transporting 20-, 23- and 25-foot tank containers as well as C715, C745, C782 swap bodies. It is equipped with many specialised solutions, such as boxes for hoses to pump out liquids from the tank containers, a stainless steel drip tray, the improved access to the platforms and handles to facilitate the entry.

This three-axle semi-trailer was designed for operations in the European market. As a result, it distinguishes by its low tare weight (super light), which guarantees maximum payload. The standard version of the product weighs only 3,400 kilograms and the lightest possible trailer configuration is only 2,979 kilograms. Low weight and a durable structure of the 20 SL TANK semi-trailer was secured by installing the light, perforated frame, cross struts, floor plate and main beams, which were entirely made of high-strength S700 steel.

Wielton NP4S40S0GOST four-axle semi-trailer, source: Wielton

Four-axle semi-trailer

Another Wielton’s new type of semi-trailers is NP4S40S0GOST, which was designed for operations on the roads of the post-Soviet countries (the CIS countries). To guarantee optimal load distribution and excellent weight distribution, the manufacturer equipped the new model with four axles. The vehicle is featured by a durable construction that allows 15 tonnes of pressure on the saddle. A reinforced gooseneck frame ensures the safety and the long lifespan of the trailer. It should be noted that the NP4S40S0GOST type has a loading capacity of up to 51 tonnes, which is the highest result in the market. Wielton developed this four-axle semi-trailer for moving standard and high cube containers. It can transport one 40-foot box or two 20-foot boxes.

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