TX Logistik shifts more trucks to tracks between Germany and Italy

2021/09/01 at 8:51 AM

German rail freight forwarder TX Logistik will increase the number of container trains running between Germany and Italy. Starting from early September, they will run six times a week on the Duisburg-Milan route instead of the five connections before. The extra service will be added due to the growing demand for moving more semi-trailers between the two countries by rail.

On Monday, 6 September, TX Logistik will implement a new schedule for the Germany-Italy service. It will launch the sixth weekly train connection between two important hubs in both countries: Duisburg and Segrate, which is located next to Milan. The additional train will run on Saturdays; the other five will depart as before on weekdays. “The reason for the expansion is the increased demand for the transport of semi-trailers,” the logistics forwarder explained its decision.

Container train of TX Logistik between Duisburg and Milan, source: TX Logistik

Focus on semi-trailers

Being a part of Mercitalia Group (Gruppo FS Italiane), TX Logistik is committed to developing the Germany-Italy intermodal services. All the company’s connections in the mentioned directions run via Switzerland, particularly through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Due to this, modern trailers with a corner height of four metres (profile P400) can be moved by rail through Switzerland without any restrictions. This creates additional opportunities for combined transport in the Transalpine region.

Route details

The freight trains of TX Logistik link the DUSS terminal Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen and the Terminal Intermodale Milano Segrate, east of Milan. Their route runs along the Rhine via Zurich, through the Gotthard Tunnel, via Chiasso to Segrate and back. Each train is operated as an open train system for moving up to 34 loading units per shipment. Semi-trailers account for over half of their freight moved. Other types of loading units are containers, swap bodies, tank and silo units.

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