Millions of euros: Poland upgrades railway crossings on eastern border

2021/08/30 at 10:57 AM

Faster and more efficient transport of goods across the eastern border, greater opportunities for trade between Europe and Asia – this is the result of the investments of Poland’s rail infrastructure manager PKP PLK in the border crossings. The works that are carried out within the National Railway Programme are financed from budget funds for over 280 million złoty (more than 61 million euros). New tracks and equipment are already used by railway undertakings. A bridge on the border in Terespol and a freight station near Braniewo are planned.

“Investments of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. (PKP PLK – IntermodalNews) at the border crossings will increase the role of ecological rail transport, e.g. on the important east-west route. Thanks to the works on the standard and broad gauge track, time for handling goods will be shortened and the competitiveness of railways in moving freight across the border will be enhanced. We will ensure more efficient transit of a larger number of trains,” says Ireneusz Merchel, CEO of PKP PLK.

The project for over a quarter of one billion zloty “Improvement of the technical condition of the railway infrastructure in the areas of border crossings, including the broad gauge track” is dedicated to freight transport. Investments improve conditions in the area of seven border crossings.

Carriers benefit from the effects of the works

Terespol/Brest. In 2017 some tracks were adapted to better handling the border traffic at the Terespol/Brest border crossing. The rails became suitable to the increased axle load and the admission of longer trains that increased the possibilities of international transport. PKP PLK carried out the works on the broad-gauge sections from Kobylany to Terespol and further to the border with Belarus. For about 9 million złoty, an additional track was built, some tracks were extended, and traffic control devices were rebuilt. The trains accelerated up to 60 kilometres per hour (from 40 kilometres per hour).

To further increase the options of rail transport, PKP PLK in the area of the Terespol/Brest border crossing are developing feasibility studies for the construction of additional broad gauge tracks (1520 millimetres) at the station and the construction of a new bridge over the Bug river, including the broad gauge (1520 millimetres) and standard tracks (1435 millimetres) at the Terespol station.

Skandawa/Zheleznodorozhny. The investment for over 20 million złoty, which was completed in 2019, improved the transport of goods at the important Polish-Russian border crossing from the state border to the entrance to the siding in Kotki. The works enhanced the punctuality of rail freight connections and shortened the transit time. The infrastructure manager performed the replacement of tracks, turnouts, reconstruction of traffic control devices.

Medyka/Mostyska. For 64 million złoty, PKP PLK performed the works on the broad gauge tracks and the more efficient and safer freight transport by rail from Ukraine has been secured. Tracks to reloading terminals have been enhanced, including those to the siding of CTL Północ Chełm – Hala in Medyka; the PKP Cargo Connect terminal of the Border Service Centre in Medyka, the Orlen Fuel Bottling Terminal in Żurawica. The works included the replacement of 17 kilometres of tracks, 62 turnouts, as well as the traction network and railway traffic control devices.

The increase of accessibility of the Medyka/Mostyska-II border crossing significantly affects the development of economic cooperation in the region. The conditions will be even better since in June PKP PLK announced a procurement proceeding, which is estimated at over 26 million złoty, for the design and works execution on the Hurko – Krówniki line. Thanks to the works, PKP PLK will increase the level of safety in handling goods. There will be a greater route capacity and more efficient handling of freight trains. The works are planned for 2022-2023.

Werchrata freight station at the Ukrainian border, source: Janusz Klimek / PKP PLK

Werchrata/Rava Ruska. In July of this year, PKP PLK signed a contract for the reconstruction of tracks: broad gauge and standard. The result of the works will be more efficient and safer transport and transhipment of goods at the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing. The broad gauge track allows increasing the load capacity of trains. Freight stations will be able to receive and handle heavier and longer trains with an axle load up to 245 kilonewtons per axle (25 tonnes per axle). The amount of the investment is almost 9 million złoty. The project will be carried out in 2022-2023.

Siemianówka/Svisloch. The works are currently underway at the border crossing in Siemianówka for around 79 million złoty. They will ensure faster and more efficient transport of goods as more trains will be able to run on the tracks. The stations will be able to receive and service heavier and longer trains with loads up to 245 kilonewtons per axle (25 tonnes per axle) and up to 1050 metres in length.

Trains in Siemianówka run on new tracks, both broad gauge (1520 millimetres) and standard (1435 millimetres). The assembly of computerised railway traffic control devices in the control room at the Siemianówka station is nearing completion and the construction of a new control room at the Zabłotczyzna station is coming to an end. The planned completion date is the fourth quarter of 2022. The works complement the modernisation of the broad-gauge railway line No. 59 from the state border in Siemianówka to the Zabłotczyzna station, financed from the Regional Operational Programme of the Podlasie Voivodeship.

Kuźnica/Bruzgi. The investment in Kuźnica Białostocka will increase the capacity of railways in the region and for moving goods in the east-west direction. The station will handle a larger number of heavier and longer freight trains, with axle load up to 245 kilonewtons per axle (25 tonnes per axle) and up to 1050 metres in length. For about 10 million złoty, PKP PLK will build additional tracks that will improve cross-border freight transport. The investment is connected with the renovation of the railway line from Kuźnica Białostocka to the Geniusze station, carried out within the Regional Operational Programme of the Podlasie Voivodeship. The planned completion date is the third quarter of 2023.

Braniewo/Mamonovo. Via the Braniewo station, PKP PLK is improving the transport of goods. At the border crossing, reloading terminals dealing with the transport of raw materials are developing. In 2022 – 2023, the broad-gauge line on the Braniewo – state border section will be modernised. Design documentation for a new freight station between the state border and Braniewo will be prepared.

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