Another new container train from China to Germany bypasses Małaszewicze via Kaliningrad

2021/08/27 at 10:18 AM

A new container train from China to Germany crossed the Polish border. Instead of the usual route through Brest and Małaszewicze, it ran through the Kaliningrad region of Russia. Moreover, the train route passes through the less congested Zheleznodorozhny/Skandawa border crossing.

Russian transport companies Russian Railways (RZD) and UTLC ERA continue to diversify routes of container trains between China and Europe bypassing the reloading complex in Małaszewicze. This week the Kaliningrad railway, a regional division of RZD, processed another batch of 40-foot containers. 41 boxes loaded with office equipment were delivered from the Chinese city of Tuanjiecun, located near Chongqing, to the Chernyakhovsk station in 13 days.

More options

The new container train has several unique features. It runs a new route: Tuanjiecun – Chernyakhovsk – Friedrichshafen (via Poland). For transhipping containers, the Chernyakhovsk logistics centre (TLC Chernyakhovsk) was used instead of TLC Kaliningrad. As a result, the train entered Poland via the Zheleznodorozhny/Skandawa border crossing but not the more popular Mamonovo/Braniewo checkpoint. According to RZD, the mentioned crossing has a significant reserve capacity, therefore, it opens up more options for logistics companies. After reloading in Chernyakhovsk, container trains can continue their way to Poland, Germany, Czechia and other EU countries.

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