Robotic technology for shipping

2021/08/25 at 11:12 AM

Japanese shipping line MOL, a co-owner of Ocean Network Express, is planning to implement robotic technology on its vessels. Cyborgs will be used in various areas of operations from time-consuming work to autonomous navigation. The technology will be supplied by MELTIN, the Tokyo-based research and development company.

To use robots in shipping-related operations, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) signed a memorandum of understanding with MELTIN, the Japanese company that is focused on developing technology of this kind. According to it, MELTIN will examine the options of its cyborgs at MOL’s vessels. Both companies intend to apply robots in performing different types of work including, for instance, duties done in extremely high and low-temperature environments as well as adopting unmanned navigation. Since MELTIN’s can be controlled remotely, they can reduce the workload on seafarers.

MELTANT-α robot, source: MELTIN

MELTANT-α robot

In March 2018 MELTIN unveiled its concept of a robot, which was named MELTANT-α. The cyborg has the only robotic hand that can replicate the speed of movement of the human hand in the real world and can lift an object weighing up to 4 kilograms. To respond to the operator, it needs 0.02 seconds. MELTIN equipped its robot with unique control algorithms to provide precise and delicate movements. The trials proved that the cyborg is able to hold an egg without breaking it and pick a flower petal.

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