Railpool increases its multisystem fleet with Vectron locomotives

2021/08/20 at 8:54 AM

German rail leasing company Railpool intends to increase its fleet of multisystem locomotives. To this end, it has purchased from Siemens Mobility 20 Vectron MS vehicles. Railpool will rent the locomotives to the customers for operations in 11 countries, mostly in Central Eastern Europe.

Being the first purchaser of the Vectron locomotives for alternating current, Railpool has decided to extend its offer with the multisystem vehicles from this family. The Munich-based leasing company ordered 20 Vectron MS multisystem locomotives. Siemens Mobility, the manufacturer of these vehicles, will perform the first delivery from the order in March 2022. After receiving all the ordered locomotives, Railpool will run 53 Siemens-made vehicles.

Eastern Corridor

The German leasing company will offer the new locomotives to the customers for operations in the so-called Eastern Corridor, which includes the following countries: Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia. “With our purchase of the 20 Vectron MS locomotives, we want to position Railpool even better to handle anticipated market developments, especially in Eastern Europe,” said Ingo Wurzer, CFO of Railpool.

Railpool fleet

The existing fleet of Railpool comprises more than 400 locomotives. Among them are four main types: Bombardier TRAXX (both multisystem and AC versions), Siemens Vectron AC, DB Class 151 and 155. Most of them are suitable for operations on railways powered with alternating current. As for today, Railpool’s multisystem fleet consists of more than 100 Bombardier TRAXX vehicles.

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