Wielton improves its curtain semi-trailers

2021/08/18 at 11:42 AM

Wielton, the Polish manufacturer of semi-trailers, has enhanced its product line. The WieluĊ„-based company upgraded the Curtain Master family of curtain semi-trailers. Moreover, its Italian subsidiary, Viberti Rimorchi, prepared some improvements for the local customers.

To meet the customer requirements, Wielton is moving further in improving its product line of curtain semi-trailers. Its engineers modernised the Curtain Master series of vehicles, which are very popular among hauliers. By using a modern hybrid welding technology, the Polish manufacturer provided more accuracy for the curtain, minimised the risk of deformation, and thus extended the life cycle of the trailer without the need for repairs.

“The aim of our activities was to obtain the full functionality of the Safety Lock and to improve the accuracy, i.e. the tightness of the vehicle during international journeys. Among other things, we have introduced modifications to the design of the rim and the front wall. The newly developed design of the rim allows the belts to be attached to the Safety Lock handles without having to unfasten the curtain. This is a great convenience for the driver. We have also refined critical customs points, which guarantee our customers high tightness, and thus safety and full control over the transported freight,” says Piotr Agata, senior product manager at Wielton.

Wielton Strong curtain semi-trailers, source: Wielton

Strong semi-trailers in Italy

Another improvement was developed by Viberti Rimorchi, the Italy-based subsidiary of Wielton. It is related to the Strong family of curtain semi-trailers, which is suitable for moving containers. For instance, the manufacturer will use additional structural reinforcements in semi-trailers to increase the height of the main beam or the thickness of the neck that resulted in a greater coefficient of stiffness and strength of the frame.

Moreover, Wielton intends to offer the Italian customers the Strong semi-trailers in four configurations: flatbed type, which can be equipped with container locks and poles; box-side; as well as curtain and curtain-side. “These products guarantee safety and trouble-free operation even in difficult conditions of use and under a high load of freight, even up to 35 tonnes. The reliability and durability of our semi-trailers have been confirmed, among others, during the FEA analysis,” adds Piotr Agata.

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