PKP Cargo intensifies rail freight traffic between Małaszewicze and Warsaw

2021/08/17 at 10:34 AM

PKP Cargo Connect, the logistics subsidiary of the Polish largest rail freight carrier, is developing its network of container trains. This time, the company has launched an additional connection on the Małaszewicze – Warsaw route. From Poland’s capital, the boxes can be delivered further throughout the country.

Since early August, PKP Cargo has been running four container trains a week between the two Polish key hubs, Małaszewicze and Warsaw. Earlier, the Polish rail freight leading carrier provided three weekly connections. The additional service on the route was launched due to the growing demand of the customers. PKP Cargo estimates that the train frequency could be increased much more in the near future.

Connect Operator, an intermodal network of PKP Cargo Connect, source: PKP Cargo Connect

“From the beginning, we were sure that the launch of the Małaszewicze – Warsaw operator connection is a very good decision, as it is one of the most loaded railway routes in Poland. For the PKP Cargo Group, providing connections to Małaszewicze is one of the priority directions, as customers are dispatching more and more loads to this station. Therefore, we can expect that the frequency of operator trains on the Warsaw – Małaszewicze route will soon increase even more,” says Czesław Warsewicz, CEO of PKP Cargo.

Connect Operator

The Małaszewicze – Warsaw link is a part of the Connect Operator, the network of the intermodal services organised by PKP Cargo Connect and hauled by PKP Cargo’s fleet. The network was launched at the turn of May and June 2020. Initially, the Connect Operator included three routes: from Gdańsk to Poznań, Gliwice and Warsaw. Afterwards, the intermodal network was extended abroad, to the Italian city of Piacenza. The Małaszewicze – Warsaw route was added to the Connect Operator in early November 2020. Currently, the intermodal network of PKP Cargo Connect consists of many domestic connections across Poland and a few services to Germany (Hamburg and Duisburg) and Italy (Piacenza).

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