Kamag develops manoeuvring tractor unit for intermodal terminals

2021/07/30 at 8:57 AM

Kamag Transporttechnik, a subsidiary of the German manufacturing conglomerate TII Group, has developed a new tractor unit for intermodal terminals. It is the PrecisionTractor type, simply known as Kamag PT, that is featured a high level of manoeuvrability in moving semi-trailers and container chassis. The new vehicle also has an improved vision and ergonomically optimised working place for the drivers.

The PT tractor unit is the latest development of yard logistics solutions of Kamag Transporttechnik. It was designed in accordance with the requirements of various players, which activities are related to moving semi-trailers and containers. Among the key features of the vehicle is its faster manoeuvring. Being equipped with electronically coordinated, hydrostatic drive, the Kamag PT tractor unit has also a small turning radius as well as continuous forward driving and reversing.

The newly developed tractor unit will replace the Wiesel truck. While the Kamag PM, also known as the “Wiesel”, is number one among swap body handling vehicles, the Kamag PT now presents itself as a specialist in moving and positioning semi-trailers and container chassis at depots and terminals.

Better working place

Another benefit of the new tractor unit is its ergonomically optimised working place. The driver’s cab, which has been specially redesigned for improved use, offers an even higher level of safety. It also provides enhanced visibility that increases work safety and prevents collision damage.

Moreover, the cab has direct access to the work platform which leads to a significantly improved workflow. The increase in space behind the driverĀ“s cab also makes it easier to handle the supply lines. Besides the improved working place, the tractor unit is equipped with the increased fifth-wheel load of 28 tonnes at 25 kilometres per hour and the hydraulically operated height-adjustable fifth-wheel plate.

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