Gruber Logistics gambles on combined and high-capacity transport

2021/07/30 at 1:06 PM

Italy-headquartered transport company Gruber Logistics has increased its fleet with 80 semi-trailers. The vehicles will allow the logistics provider to develop the piggyback solutions as well as to organise road freight delivery by using high-capacity transport. All the semi-trailers were built by Kögel Trailer, a German dedicated manufacturer.

Due to its commitment to increasing the share of combined transport in its activities from 20 to 40 per cent just in two years, Gruber Logistics is highly focused on this type of service. Therefore, 60 of 80 purchased semi-trailers were designed by Kögel Trailer for piggyback connections. They belong to the Cargo Coil Rail series of the NOVUM generation being developed by the German manufacturer. Each vehicle is configured for moving loads weighing up to 30 tonnes.

High-capacity semi-trailers

Another batch of Kögel-manufactured semi-trailers, 20 units, are high-capacity. They also belong to the NOVUM generation but to a different type, namely Kögel Mega. Despite an interior height of three metres, the Mega perfect height maintains the permissible overall height of four metres with a fifth wheel height of 910 millimetres – making it a real volume specialist from Kögel.

To optimise the height, the Kögel designers have opted for an intelligent combination of tyre selection and a reduction of the fifth wheel neck from 90 to 55 millimetres with retaining the same stability. High payloads are guaranteed with a tare weight from 6.4 tonnes and thus stand for optimised economic efficiency. Loading and unloading three stacked box pallets is easy thanks to the mechanical-hydraulic lifting roof.

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