CSL arranges network of intermodal links for new terminal in Silesia

2021/07/29 at 1:25 PM

CSL Sp. z o.o., the Szczecin-based freight forwarder, together with IWS is constructing a new intermodal terminal in Myszków in Silesian Voivodeship, which will handle transport between the Baltic ports, Silesia, and, in the future, also the countries of Southern Europe. Przemysław Hołowacz, CSL’s chief development officer, shared the company’s plans with IntermodalNews.

At what stage is the construction of the terminal in Myszków?

We carry out this project together with IWS, which offered us cooperation in the construction of an intermodal terminal. IWS has a plot of land on which the terminal is to be built there, while we have the know-how and IT systems to operate the terminal. Ultimately, the facility will have a handling capacity of 200,000 TEU per year, which we want to achieve in a few years. After the first stage of the investment, it will serve one-third of this number.

Work is currently underway to improve lighting. The ground of the container yard has been levelled and concrete slabs are being laid. We are also planning to lease two reach stackers. We want to start handling the intermodal connections at the terminal in autumn of this year. We are planning the first connections between DCT Gdańsk and Myszków. Ultimately, we also want a link to our second terminal, which we plan to launch in two years in Szczecin-Dunikowo.

Przemysław Hołowacz, the development director at CSL, source: CSL Sp. z o.o.

We are also thinking about the connection to the Euro Terminal in Świnoujście, which can handle semi-trailers and containers and is a perfect place to build logistics to Scandinavia and becoming recently popular England. We also see a great chance that the terminal in Myszków will allow shipping to Bulgaria and Turkey. We are already working on these directions to create these branches to the south after launching the connection to Gdańsk. Moreover, the vicinity of Myszków, i.e. the Silesian Agglomeration and Częstochowa, is a large concentration of companies and people, so there is a need for another terminal in this region. Myszków also has good communication with Czechia and Slovakia. Therefore, it is a very interesting logistics project. The terminal will be open to various carriers and other shippers.

What does the work on the terminal project in Szczecin look like?

This investment has a very good location, just 20 meters from the Szczecin – Poznań railway line and 800 metres from the motorway. We received funding for this purpose in the amount of 35.3 million złoty (around 7.7 million euros – IntermodalNews.eu). Currently, preparations for the investment are underway and we are finalising formal issues. I hope it will be completed by September and we will proceed to the next steps related to the construction and purchase of equipment. This facility will have a handling capacity of 130,000 – 140,000 TEU per year. It will be one of the most modern intermodal terminals in Poland. Therefore, we focused on high quality, both in terms of reloading devices and the ground. It will be the first dry transhipment terminal in Western Pomerania. Our research shows that the demand for intermodal transport in this region is high. Currently, several dozen companies from the region with whom we have talked import or export goods in containers, and the total volume is approximately 250,000 containers. Most of them go to and from the Szczecin region via DCT Gdańsk, the Port of Gdynia and Hamburg.

We are also waiting for the launch of a new ferry terminal in Świnoujście. It is a very interesting project, as it has several connections a day, and after completion of the investment, it can be a very interesting option and provide partners from Poland and Scandinavia with more favourable logistics. We are also looking at the plans of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority regarding the construction of a new deep-water terminal. Our terminal in Szczecin could serve as a land base for it. However, the entire process of selecting an investor and construction of the terminal in Świnoujście will take at least 7 years, so it is a long-term project.

You are also implementing projects to revitalise post-industrial sites in Szczecin.

This is the idea of the President of CSL Laura Hołowacz to revitalise one of the historic buildings in the vicinity of the port and open it to the residents of Szczecin. During the summer, the surrounding area has been becoming the heart of the city. Lots of events take place here and thousands of people visit it. In a building that we have revitalised, now there is headquarter of our company, as well as an event space where concerts, performances, training sessions, conferences and other events have been organising. Recently, we have invested in equipment enabling professional broadcasting of online events. This provides us with an opportunity to organise events in the hybrid form or just by streaming them, which will also allow us to continue our cultural activities during subsequent lockdowns.

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