Trial mooring at new ferry terminal in Port of Gdynia

2021/07/23 at 11:44 AM

Technical acceptance of a new, larger Public Ferry Terminal with a ro-ro ramp is underway in the Port of Gdynia. The facility provides for the possibility of using it by several operators and accepting various ferries. An innovative ramp and a sleeve have been installed at the terminal. The first test mooring of the Stena Line ferry took place on Monday, 19 July.

One of the largest investments in the Port of Gdynia is nearing completion. The main works related to the construction of the Public Ferry Terminal have been completed and technical acceptance is underway. The new terminal has been adapted to handle 240-metre-long ferries – one third longer than the current Stena Line vessels, which berth at the old terminal. The possibility of accepting longer ferries means adapting to the conditions of the Baltic market.

New ferry terminal in Port of Gdynia, source: Tadeusz Urbaniak / Port of Gdynia

Ferries of various lengths that perform the connections of Stena Line and Polferries (Polska Żegluga Bałtycka) will dock at the new terminal. On Monday, 19 July, a trial mooring of the 176-metre-long Stena Line ferry was carried out. The technical commissioning will continue in the coming weeks, and the opening of the new terminal is scheduled for September 23, which coincides with the celebration of the 99th anniversary of the adoption of the Act on the construction of the port in Gdynia by the Sejm. It is worth adding that the pace of construction of the Polish port was so fast that in 1929 it exceeded the port of Gdańsk in terms of turnover.

The Public Ferry Terminal at the Port of Gdynia is implemented in accordance with the greenport concept, which is reflected in applying onshore power supply. It will be used by ferries mooring at the terminal. The use of shore-based electricity eliminates exhaust emissions, vibrations and noise produced by the generators on the ferry. Due to this, the negative impact of ferry transport on the environment and its impact on the city centre has been reduced. The work comfort of the ferry crew has been also improved.

The value of the investment is approximately 292 million zloty (around 63.9 million euros), of which 116.8 million zloty (around 25.6 million euros) is co-financed by the European Union.

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