Largest batch of bottled water delivered from Russia to China by rail

2021/07/23 at 8:42 AM

RZD Logistics, a dedicated subsidiary of Russian Railways, has set a new milestone in containerising freight traffic to China. It performed the export delivery of the largest batch of bottled natural water.

The record batch of bottled water was transported on behalf of Russia-based BAIKALSEA Company. It was loaded into 41 40-foot containers for transporting from was moved Irkutsk to Tianjin. The container train with bottled water ran via Mongolia, namely via the Naushki and Erlian (Erenhot) railway border crossings. RZD Logistics is being considered the option to send similar batches of bottled water to China regularly. Earlier, this type of freight was exported by trucks or in small batches by rail.

Within the project, RZD Logistics provided BAIKALSEA Company with a full range of services, including road transport of freight from the customer’s logistics centre to the departure station, provision of containers, formation and dispatch of a container train to the destination station, including freight transport within China.

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