Deutsche Bahn develops hydrogen refuelling station

2021/07/14 at 7:53 AM

Deutsche Bahn has started a new stage in developing its hydrogen refuelling station. Starting from this week the German state-owned railway company will test the solution in a laboratory environment. In summer 2022, the refuelling station will be put into operation on a regular basis.

Due to its commitment to replace diesel trains with zero-emission vehicles by 2040, Deutsche Bahn (DB) developed its own refuelling hydrogen station during the last six months. Its core element is a new type of rapid refuelling, within 15 minutes. Now it’s a turn for a new stage of the project. This and the upcoming weeks will be dedicated to testing the solution in a laboratory environment.

State support

DB’s hydrogen refuelling station is being developed within the H2goesRail project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Around 4 million euros were allocated to this purpose. Deutsche Bahn takes part in the project together with its two dedicated subsidiaries: DB Energie (energy supply) and DB Regio (regional train services). Among other participants are two German family companies, Wenger Engineering and Wystrach. Within the project, Siemens Mobility is developing its hydrogen-powered two-carriage train on the basis of the Mireo Plus H platform. The new vehicle is expected to be unveiled in spring 2022.

Non-DB initiatives

Not only DB intends to shift to hydrogen. Some German regional train operators have moved even further than the national railway holding. For instance, Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser (EVB), the German operator in Lower Saxony, carried out the first tests of the world’s first hydrogen passenger train. Two Coradia iLint vehicles from Alstom have been running on the Buxtehude – Bremerhaven – Cuxhaven line from September 2018 to February 2020.

Within the trial operations in Lower Saxony, Alstom installed a temporary mobile hydrogen refuelling station, which was based on a 40-foot container, at the Bremervörde station. Currently, the French train builder is constructing a stationary filling point in Bremervörde. The German second hydrogen refuelling station will be installed in Hasse. Both points will be put into operation in 2022.

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