CMA CGM launches maritime bridge between Turkey and Adriatic

2021/07/07 at 11:17 AM

CMA CGM, one of the leading shipping companies in the world, has launched a new short-sea container line. It connects the ports of Greater Istanbul and the Northern Adriatic. The new service includes multimodal options to deliver boxes to the hinterland destinations.

France-based shipping line CMA CGM has added a new maritime link to its network. Starting from Tuesday, 7 July, two company’s container ships with a nominal capacity of 850 TEU each have been running with weekly rotation between the ports of Western Turkey and the Northern Adriatic. The new short-sea service was branded as the TMX3 (Turkey Med Express 3). It connects four countries: Turkey, Italy, Slovenia and Malta. The TMX3 route is as follows: Ambarli – Gebze – Gemlik – Trieste – Koper – Venice – Malta – Ambarli.

Map of Turkey Med Express 3 short-sea service with multimodal options, source: CMA CGM

Multimodal options

According to CMA CGM, the new maritime bridge provides a short transit time (eg., 4.5 days between Gemlik and Koper) and a more environmentally-friendly alternative to road freight delivery from Turkey to Central Eastern Europe. Moreover, the containers can be delivered to Western and Northern Europe. All this is possible due to the network of rail connections of the shipping line and its partners. For instance, the customers can book the door-to-door delivery from Gemlik to Munich within 7 days. It is performed first by sea to the Port of Trieste, then by rail to Munich. Similar options are available to transport containers from Turkey to Benelux, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland.

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