Converted passenger train to carry parcels in Britain

2021/07/06 at 12:30 PM

An exceptional solution will be soon implemented on the British railway network. It is the converted electric multiple unit of Class 321. Earlier it was used for carrying passengers. After retrofitting, it will transport parcels and light goods.

The Class 321 passenger trainsets can often be seen on the electrified lines in the East of England. Shortly, this type of rolling stock will run on Britain’s network in a new role. It will carry freight instead of passengers. After several-month conversion carried out in Doncaster, Eversholt Rail in a partnership with Ricardo and Wabtec unveiled a new freight train. It was classified as the Class 321 Swift Express Freight Train.

The British rolling stock company plans to roll out the retrofitted vehicle as soon as possible. ” We are proud to see the first Swift Express Freight train completed and ready for serviceā€¦ We look forward to seeing the Swift Express Freight train running in service later this summer,” said Paul Sutherland, Client Services Director at Eversholt Rail.

Competitor for vans?

The Swift Express Freight train is able to speed up to 161 kilometres per hour and transport up to 12 tonnes of freight. As a result, it could be a cost-effective and low carbon solution for transporting parcels and light goods around the UK, especially between large cities. Currently, the deliveries of this kind are performed by vans and lorries. Eversholt Rail and its partners expect that the Class 321 Swift Express Freight will provide fast and reliable rail services, encouraging modal shift and contributing toward the target of net-zero emissions by 2050.

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