VTG installs temperature-controlled solution on its wagons

2021/06/30 at 12:20 PM

German leasing company VTG has extended its offer with temperature-controlled freight wagons. To this end, it is equipping the wagons with the SWS-PowerBox that allows rail freight operators to maintain the required temperature regime. The solution is dedicated to cold chain logistics.

VTG is installing the SWS-PowerBox on the wheelsets of the flat and double pocket wagons. The system, which was developed by Austrian technology company SWS Power Solutions, consists of a hydraulic pump and the attached generator that produces power while the train is moving. Optimised temperatures can thus be guaranteed for the transportation of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and medication in reefer containers, swap bodies, tank containers and refrigerated semitrailers.


The SWS-PowerBox can be mounted on 80- and 90-foot flat wagons or double pocket wagons. Its steel exterior contains the entire power supply system. A hydraulic pump mounted on the wheelset drives a generator, transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy. This electricity is channeled into the temperature power units and charges the battery. The power supply system can thus operate autonomously, drawing no power from the locomotive engine. A permanent, uninterrupted power supply is also ensured even when the wagon is not in motion.

At the transshipment terminal or loading sidings, the battery can simply be charged with a type-2 charger plug. CEE plugs are also fitted on every side of the wagon to ensure that all maritime and continental reefer units (refrigerated semi-trailers) can be supplied with electricity in accordance with the loading schedule.

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