UWC to deliver more flat wagons to Azerbaijan

2021/06/23 at 8:02 AM

United Wagon Company (UWC) will strengthen its footprint in Azerbaijan by delivering a new batch of flat wagons to Azerbaijan. The vehicles will have higher performance in carrying timber than other types of rolling stock operated in the Caucasian country.

UWC, the largest manufacturer of freight wagons in Russia, is continuing to develop its cooperation with Azerbaijani private rail operators. The company concluded the second deal with ATU TRANS for supplying another batch of flat wagons to transport timber. By February 2022, the vehicles will be delivered to Azerbaijan. Their exact number will be unveiled later.

Higher capacity

According to UWC, ATU TRANS will receive the wagons of type 13-6895 with higher performance compared to the existing wagons used in Azerbaijan for carrying timber. They will have a loading length of 18.85 metres, an increased body volume (158 cubic metres) and an increased carrying capacity (72.5 tonnes). Such characteristics allows operators to more freight in the wagons by loading three stacks of six-meter-long timber into each unit.

UWC-made flat wagons of type 13-6895 for carrying timber, source: United Wagon Company (UWC)

The type 13-6895 has bogies with an axle load of 25 tonnes, which significantly increases the operational reliability of the vehicle. Due to the innovative running gear, the turnaround runs of the UWC-made wagons were increased to 1 million kilometres (or 8 years), while analogues on standard bogies with an axle load of 23.5 tonnes require the first depot repair after 210,000 kilometres (or after 3 years from manufacturing). The flat wagons of type 13-6895 have a 40-year life span (versus 32 years for analogues).

First deal

ATU TRANS and UWC have been cooperating since March 2020 when the Azerbaijani company ordered 18 flat wagons dedicated to transport timber and five open wagons for other purposes. “The new generation wagons appeared in the fleet of our company only last year. But the experience we have gained in their operation already gives us confidence that the further development of the ATU TRANS freight fleet will proceed at the expense of innovative rolling stock. Reliability in work, increased loading and ease of use are the factors that we rely on when choosing wagons. UWC’s rolling stock meets all our needs and allows us to stand out from our competitors,” said Rafig Shikhamirov, General Director of ATU TRANS.

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