Webinar “Communication between logistics systems – next step to better future?”

2021/06/22 at 12:27 PM

The Polish Road Transport Institute invites you to the debate “Communication between logistics systems – next step to better future?” that will take place online on Thursday, 24 June.

We all know that the pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation process. The question is – to what extent? Are we now potentially years ahead of where we would have been had there not been a pandemic? Does the rapid digitalisation we are seeing at the moment make it easier for logistics companies to broaden the scope of their activities beyond the niches they currently serve? Is there a danger that the speed of digitalisation in the industry could be held back by the slower-paced digitalisation of governing bodies and regulators?

These and many other questions will be answered by invited guests:

Tomasz Swolkień, Sales Director – Network Products Europe at project 44

Jonathan Raemdonck, Director Product & Marketing at Supply Stack

Bogdan Kosturek, Vice President, CTO at Trans.eu System


Gregor Gowans, Journalist at Trans.INFO

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