New goods handled in Port of Kołobrzeg

2021/06/15 at 9:15 AM

Port of Kołobrzeg, one of the smallest in Poland, has attracted a new type of freight. After the seven-year-long break, grain was again handled at the port berths. The first shipment was dispatched to the Port of Rotterdam.

The pilot batch of grain was transhipped in the Port of Kołobrzeg last week. On 9 June around 2,700 tonnes of oats were loaded into the Hathor vessel to sail the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. As the harbour have limited access to the railway network, the cargo was initially delivered by the trucks to the port warehouse for short-term storage or to the berths for the immediate loading to the ship. The test shipment was organised by BST Brokers, a Gdańsk-based company focused on the trade of cereals and oilseeds in the Polish and European market.

Reloading oats from truck to vessel in the Port of Kołobrzeg, source: Port of Kołobrzeg Authority

Fishing port

Port of Kołobrzeg is located around 110 kilometres eastward from Świnoujście. It is Poland’s largest fishing port but one of the smallest in handling other goods. Only 141,000 tonnes were reloaded in the port (besides fish). This amount is usually generated by four other types of freight: roundwood, aggregate, pellets and fertilisers. At the same time, the Port of Kołobrzeg is gradually increasing the volumes of fish. There were transhipped more than 46,500 tonnes of fish compared to 35,000 tonnes a year before. Currently, the development of the facility is limited by its technical specification. It is able to handle only ships with a maximum length of 100 metres, a width of 15 metres and a draft of 5 metres.

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