Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge an alternative route from Scandinavia to Mediterranean

2021/06/10 at 6:10 PM

The Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge will facilitate and accelerate container delivery between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean region. It will be based on the rail intermodal services running on the Gdynia – Wrocław – Koper route. This way is much faster than the shipping lines from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean that round entire Europe.

Two operators of the container trains, Loconi and Baltic Rail, have joined their forces and have jointly offered a new rail intermodal service between the ports of Gdynia and Koper, branded as the Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge (BALB). While the first company provides five weekly connections between Gdynia and Wrocław, another partner is responsible for three to five weekly intermodal links between Wrocław and Koper.

Possible multimodal services between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean by using the Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge

As a result, the containers will be able to run between Gdynia and Koper via Wrocław with a single ticket. The joint initiative is supported by two maritime harbours, namely the Port of Koper in Slovenia and the Baltic Container Terminal in the Port of Gdynia (also known as BCT Gdynia). For the ease of the customer, the partners logged the dedicated common e-mail: info@balb.eu

Reliable alternative

Besides the fast and convenient delivery between the two ports, the Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge could be a basis for the development of multimodal connections from Scandinavia and the Baltic states to the central and eastern parts of the Mediterranean region and even to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. For instance, the Oslo – Haifa sea delivery usually takes around 30 days. Meanwhile, the multimodal, sea – rail – sea, service between the same destinations but via the ports of Gdynia and Koper as well as via the Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge needs only around 14 days. The other delivery times via the BALB are available in the picture above.

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