First rail shipment of Russian cardboard to China

2021/06/08 at 2:53 PM

The KAMA Group, the Russian manufacturer of lightweight coated paper, is getting closer to starting the export of its cardboard to China. Rail shipment was chosen as the most reliable option for delivering this type of freight to the customer.

The first batch of cardboard made by the KAMA Group will consist of 63 containers with a total weight of 1,600 tonnes. It will be delivered to China by rail. In late May, the Russian manufacturer began to load the containers with its cardboard products. The first three boxes arrived in Krasnokamsk, where the main production facility is located, on 21 May.

Illustrative photo. Container train in Russia, source: Russian Railways (RZD)

Director-General Vladimir Druzhkov said: “The dispatch of the first train with cardboard is an important milestone for everyone who took part in the creation and launch of the production complex. The immediate task of the cardboard production team of the KAMA Group is the earliest possible achievement of the planned range and production volume”.

KAMA Group

The KAMA Group is the only manufacturer of lightweight coated paper (LWC) in Russia. The LWC complex was built and commissioned in 2011, within the framework of the implementation of the national project on import substitution. The raw material for the production of light-weight coated paper is the wood deciduous trees. The capacity of the LWC production complex of the KAMA Group is 85,000 tonnes of lightweight coated paper per year.

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