Hyster electrifies 18-tonne lift capacity trucks

2021/06/07 at 12:37 PM

Hyster has equipped the lift trucks of type J10-18XD, which are popular among the European terminal operators, with lithium-ion battery packs. These zero-emission vehicles are able to lift from 10 to 18 tonnes. Besides reducing carbon footprint, the forklifts provide higher performance at the terminals and better comfort for drivers.

Hyster is continuing to transform its business in accordance with zero-emission objectives. Only a month ago, the American company announced the development of the hydrogen reach stacker. Now, the manufacturer of specialised vehicles has succeeded in implementing another fossil-free type of power. It installed 350 Volt lithium-ion batteries on the lift trucks of type J10-18XD (known as the J230-360XD and J360XD36-48 in the Americas). “This is a breakthrough for businesses in heavy industry that are keen to achieve green objectives in factories, warehouses and yards,” Jan-Willem van den Brand, Hyster’s Director Global Market Development for Big Trucks, noted.

Five key features

The J10-18XD electric forklifts have five key features that distinguish them from diesel analogues. First of all, the vehicles are equipped with high-voltage (350 Volt) and high-capacity (275 kilowatt-hours) lithium-ion batteries and specially designed water-cooled motors and drive controllers to further prevent heat build-up. Battery monitoring systems also help to control under and overcharging. This results in another characteristic: a zero-emission performance, which is in line with the decarbonisation policy being widely implemented among the European terminal operators.

Hyster J10-18XD electric forklifts are equipped with high-voltage (350 Volt) and high-capacity (275 kilowatt-hours) lithium-ion batteries, source: Hyster

Two other features are also related to the batteries: maintenance and charging. As the batteries could be easily swapped out, the operators do not need additional places and technologies to maintain them. Moreover, the J10-18XD forklifts are equipped with a fast-charging system that enables charging for up to one hour of work only in 11 minutes. “With less time needed for charging, a wide range of applications can benefit from greater truck availability. Operations with two or three shift operations can easily top up the charge, preventing the need for battery exchange and a separate charging room,” Jan-Willem van den Brand added.

And the last feature is the exceptional comfort for drivers. “The quiet and comfortable cabin also improves the driver experience, alongside outstanding visibility, ergonomics, and productivity-enhancing features,” Hyster stated. It is worth noting that Hyster’s switching to lithium-ion forklifts was supported by the company’s local dealers. Across the world, they work with each customer to determine the exact requirements for the specific application and configure the battery system to suit the operation.

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