DFDS and Volvo Trucks join forces to establish sustainable supply chain

2021/06/04 at 11:20 AM

Two Scandinavian companies, DFDS and Volvo Trucks, are planning to kick off the joint project to improve road transport and establish a fossil-free supply chain. The Denmark-based logistics provider will test the Volvo FM Electric heavy goods vehicle. After this summer, DFDS will introduce the innovative truck for regular operations.

DFDS, a major European logistics provider, will start to operate its first all-electric truck produced and delivered by Volvo Trucks. Initially, the Danish company will test the Volvo FM Electric vehicle to deliver parts to the Volvo truck factory near Gothenburg at a distance of 120 kilometres per day. This will allow both partners to gather necessary data about the operations of the electric truck for future route planning, charging strategy and estimation of running costs.

DFDS will test the Volvo FM Electric truck, source: Volvo Trucks

As a result, DFDS will be able to launch a sustainable supply chain. “Our ambition is to operate as responsibly as possible. A part of that is to upgrade our road fleet to reduce exhaust emissions and ensure optimal safety and efficiency,” said Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President & Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division.

Regular operations

DFDS will be one of the first companies to operate the Volvo-made electric truck in commercial traffic. To run the innovative vehicle regularly, the Danish company will build a powerful DC charging station. It will be located at its home depot in Gothenburg and will have a capacity of 350 kilowatts.

“With the introduction of these new fully electric vehicles, with higher load capacities and more powerful drivelines, we believe the time is right for a rapid upswing in the electrification of heavy road transport,” concludes Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. It is worth noting that the Swedish truck manufacturer will start mass production of the FM Electric vehicles in the second half of 2022.

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