PKP Cargo optimises intermodal transport between China and Czechia

2021/05/26 at 3:44 PM

PKP Cargo Connect, the logistics provider of the PKP Cargo Group, fruitfully tested a new container train service between China and Poland. It ends in the Polish city of Gliwice, about 60 kilometres from Czechia. Such a convenient location will allow the operator to enhance freight delivery to the neighbouring country.

Since the PKP Cargo Group already has a well-developed network of intermodal connections from and to China (Xi’an, Chengdu and Chongqing), PKP Cargo Connect checked only the Polish section of the route, namely between Małaszewicze and Gliwice. The new service is focused on the delivery of 40-foot high cube containers. As PKP Cargo Connect reported, the trial shipment was successfully performed in mid-May while the regular connection will be launched in the near future.

Perfect solution for Czechia

With the new container train to Gliwice, PKP Cargo has moved further in implementing its development strategy devoted to the transformation from the conventional bulk-focused rail freight carrier to the logistics provider of the intermodal and door-to-door services. “The launch of a container connection on this route meets the expectations of customers. The PKP Cargo Group, providing a comprehensive logistic offer, can combine various types of transport, if necessary, as in this case,” said Czesław Warsewicz, CEO of PKP Cargo.

The combination of transport modes on the China – Gliwice link includes the usage of rail and road. Initially, the containers will run most of their route by rail. After arriving in Gliwice, they will be reloaded to trucks for the last mile delivery to nearby Czechia. “This service is a perfect solution for shippers and recipients of shipments… The use of road transport on the Gliwice – Czechia route will allow optimising transport in terms of time and the just-in-time delivery of the appropriate number of containers in accordance with the customer’s expectations,” explained Ivan Ružbacký, CEO of PKP Cargo Connect.

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