CEVA Logistics to start new multimodal link between China and UK

2021/05/24 at 10:25 AM

CEVA Logistics is getting ready to launch a new regular multimodal, rail-sea, service in early June. It will link the Chinese city of Xi’an and the British port of Immingham. The logistics provider intends to add several intermodal solutions to its network.

Due to unprecedented demand for fast China – UK connections, France-based company CEVA Logistics, which is a part of CMA CGM Group, is planning to inaugurate a new regular service from Xi’an to Immingham. This multimodal link will include two legs. First, the boxes will be delivered by rail from Xi’an to the Russian port of Kaliningrad. The second leg is maritime that starts in Kaliningrad where the containers are transhipped to ferries for delivery by sea to Immingham.

The China – UK multimodal link will be launched in early June after several trial shipments. In the mid-March, CEVA Logistics departed the pilot batch of 25 boxes from Xi’an to Immingham. Several shipments took place in May. All the tests showed the entire transit port-to-port time of around 20 days with a door-to-door option not exceeding 25 days.

Other solutions from CEVA Logistics

Besides the multimodal connection to Immingham, CEVA Logistics will add the other intermodal solutions between China and Europe. Starting from 1 June, the company will operate an additional regular container train from Xi’an to Duisburg via the Małaszewicze intermodal hub in Poland. Its port-to-port delivery time will be around 15 days.

Moreover, CEVA Logistics enhanced its express train solution from Xi’an to Port Mukran in Germany. Another development in the mentioned country is dedicated to implementing a high-speed and high-security premium service on the route between Xi’an and Mukran Port (Sassnitz) on 1 April. This option is available for the customers once a week, on Thursdays. Xi’an is a key Chinese hub for CEVA Logistics, which has dispatched more than 50 block trains to Europe from this point since May 2020.

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